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Top Mangalsutra Designs

July 9, 2011

Top Mangalsutra Designs

There are much searches about Mangalsutra Designs on internet. These designs are inspired by the various cultures around the world but always have a touch of Indian nationality and today this culture is making its way into many other cultures too. The many people around the world are adopting this culture fast and accepting the new tradition readily.Today, the concept of wearing a mangalsutra has changed considerably.

Top Mangalsutra Designs

Top Mangalsutra Designs

It is more of a fashion statement than a symbol of marriage, thanks to modernization. With the progressive times, the wearing of mangalsutra in working women has considerably reduced. There is also a marked change in the style and making of mangalsutra over the years. Previously, women used to wear simple design mangalsutra, with small pendants, but now, the trend is to wear short length ones, that too with a single string. Instead of gold pendants, they prefer diamond ones. However, the black beads have still managed to remain constant. Whatever may be the reason to adore it, mangalsutra surely symbolizes the real essence and concept of a Hindu marriage. Read more Top 10 Mangalsutra Designs.

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